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About Us
We Enhance Your Brand

For 50 years, all across the world, 76 INDUSTRIAL GRAPHICS has been enhancing the appearance of vehicles and design products, making them stand out from the competition. Our decorative and functional decals and 3D logos are characterised by advanced aesthetics, performance, durability and flexibility. Our customers’ brand identity is always our main concern.

Our Main Markets

Industrial Vehicles and Equipment 

Tractors and Excavators


Yacht and Boats

Industrial Components

Electronics Devices

Audio Video Devices

Musical Instruments and Accessories 



Fitness Equipment

Helmets, bikes and motorcycles

Furnitures,kitchens, foodservice equipment

Bathroom furnitures

Household appliances 

Heating and cooling systems 

Sun protections

→ Indoor/outdoor applications
→ Custom colours and finishes
→ Self-adhesive logos
→ Maximum thickness: approximately 9
→ Automotive tested
→ Indoor/outdoor applications
→ Endless textures and combinations of colours
→ Auto or thermo-adhesive emblems
→ Maximum thickness: approximately 2 mm
→ Flexibility
→ Indoor/outdoor applications
→ Many colours and finishes to choose from
→ Self-adhesive logos
→ Thickness below 100 my
→ Clear definition of very small graphics